Certified Collision Repair Provider

Collision Repair and Auto Body Paint Shops

Not all Collision Repair Centers are the same. If you are looking for a professional collision repair provider, it’s a good idea to pick one with some certifications and a history of quality repairs. A Certified Collision Repair Center is a good start. In Albuquerque paint and body shops are on every corner, but they are not all quality auto body providers. Many use low grade parts and cheap paint to keep their costs down. If you are having your insurance cover a collision repair, you want it done right and with the best products on the market.

You need more guarantees, like a NAPA AutoCare Collision Center. This kind of credibility comes with a minimum 24 Month, 24,000 Mile Nationwide warranty on the work and parts don in your auto repair. In New Mexico, you have the right to choose your collision repair facility. If you get in a car accident you should know what to after a collision. After you make sure everyone is safe and either an ambulance or the police have been notified, you will need to find a repair facility you can trust. Your insurance provider will try to steer you to the cheapest facility they can find, but you are the one to decide where to get your vehicle repaired. Call a professional paint and auto body shop that has a proven track record and has been certified for collision repair.

Auto Body Repairs after an accident

What do I do after an accident? If you’ve been in an car wreck, the first thing you need to do is make sure you, your passengers and anyone else involved is safe and not in immediate danger from on coming traffic. If you or someone else is injured call 911 Immediately!

Wrecked jeep needs collision repair

I just got in a car wreck, what do I do?

Stay Calm, assess your situation. If you are asking your phone, “What do I do after an accident?” Here’s the run down:

  1. Check yourself, make sure you are not dizzy or injured. If you or anyone around you is hurt, call 911.
  2. Make sure you and everyone involved is safe and out of traffic.
  3. If there was major damage or any injury Call 911 or the police directly.
    • Call 505-242-COPS for non-emergencies
  4. Review the damage, and know your choices.
    • You have the right to choose your body shop
    • The Police always arrange towing with whoever is on call. You may request to have it towed to the shop of your choice, but arrangements can be made for the shop you choose to pick up your vehicle.
    • Call your repair facility, like Jay Walton Automotive.
    • Albuquerque Police Traffic Accident (Crash) Reports
    • Call your insurance agent as soon as you are able and get your claim started. They may wish to send somebody out to investigate the collision immediately.
      Always remember, you have the freedom to choose who repairs your vehicle.
      We thank you for choosing Jay Walton Automotive.
  5. Make arrangements with your shop and review your deductible with your insurance company.
  6. Get an Estimate for the damage. We have a great relationship with insurance providers.
  7. You’ll have to pay your deductible, and your collision repair shop will make arrangements with your insurer.
  8. Repair your vehicle. Jay Walton Automotive and Collision Repair will fix your vehicle like it was one of our own family’s.

What do I do after an accident?

When you get in an accident, don’t be confused about who to call.